JAOPS is the one-stop shop for mission operations
JAOPS provides mission operations design, tools, training and support to achieve mission success in Earth orbit, cislunar space and beyond


Earth Orbit

Lunar and beyond

The rapid expansion of the "Newspace" sector, encompassing Earth observation, communications, research, and exploration, is reshaping our world. Concurrently, industries such as power generation, agriculture, and transportation require enhanced real-time monitoring and control capabilities. These sectors are establishing Mission Control Centers from the ground up, often with limited experience and resources.

Within the space industry, the tools and processes employed by "Oldspace" for spacecraft monitoring and control have become outdated and involve prohibitive development and operational costs. For various innovative missions, including lunar exploration and beyond, meticulous operations design and preparation are crucial for ensuring mission success.

Historically, spacecraft operations have been overshadowed by hardware development. Newspace companies that underestimated the importance of robust operational concepts, tools, and teams faced consequences ranging from prolonged delays to irrecoverable failures. Some rushed to develop fragile tools, relying on learn-as-you-fly strategies when operational needs became apparent.

The scarcity of experienced spacecraft operators globally, coupled with limited training opportunities, poses challenges. Operations are often not included in standard university curricula, leading companies to convert engineers into operators, resulting in a substantial number of development hours and inefficient tools and processes. Consequently, the risks of failures that could jeopardize even the most robust business models increase.

JAOPS addresses these challenges by providing tools, a certification program, and operational support based on lessons learned from recent years of Space Activities. JAOPS encompasses data processing, mission planning, context evaluation, anomaly resolution, and real-time mission control and monitoring. The organization is actively involved in designing, deploying, and operating control centers worldwide, tailoring them to the specific needs of each mission to ensure success.


The JAOPS team is able to deploy experienced operators and participate from the early phases of the mission preparation (PDR, CDR...)


The JAOPS team develops its own certification process with common and tailored-made content, so that your team can concentrate on the design and business units. 


The JAOPS team designs and deploys its own OPS modular framework so that each MCC can always have an economic and complete suite either locally on-premise or in the cloud.